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Zilda Vicente

Angola / France

Did you know that, Zilda Vicente was born in Angola-Luanda?

Zilda originally a descendent is of a musicians’ family that worked to spread the Angolan music and dance throughout the world? In 1990, she started dancing in the group SEMBAFRICA (traditional Angolan dances) for a few years. Worked with Mestre Petchu since 1996 and still does? She also worked with several other musician such as Te Macedo, Filipe Mukenqua and General D? That from 2001, Zilda started as a teacher of Afro-Tribal dance, in several schools in France? That she developed the level of Angolan traditional dances and also other African dances from countries such as Guinee, Ivory Coast and Senegal, in France? Have more than 20 years of experience in African dances and participated in several dance festivals? Teaching an African dance in it's purest way is what Zilda does.

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I live to dance and I dance to live