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Lucia Nogueira


Originally from Terceira, a small island in the Azores near Portugal, Lucia has been dancing Kizomba for about 8 years, but things really started to heat up for her in 2012 when she competed in AfricaDancar with then partner Jimmy. Soon after competing in AfricaDancar, she was invited by Mukanus Productions to partner up with AfricaDancar winner Bonifacio and they taught together at the 2012 edition of Sensual Dance Madrid.

Lucia’s other notable accolades include a finalist standing in the Semba Challenge and serving on the judging panel for the Kizomba Open Spain. In addition to dancing Kizomba, Semba and other African dance styles, Lucia is also versed in Salsa, Bachata, Hip-hop and West Coast Swing.

Her teaching style incorporates a tremendous amount of respect for the cultural roots of Kizomba and Semba and her teaching methodology, particularly for new students, focuses on the cultural essence of the dance styles. Lucia has mentored a lot of instructors the past years and since 2016 she has been offering a new form of guidance through her Kizomba teachers training.

Lucia is one of the very few ladies in the Kizomba scene that teaches internationally on her own and is versatile on both leading and following, as a result Lucia has been travelling and sharing Kizomba in different continents and she is back again with us at Toque!

One of the most important aspects of this dance is its immense cultural heritage. Once you grasp this, the dance comes naturally