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Eliza Sala


Eliza Sala is born in Angola and nowadays living in The Netherlands since the age of 14. As an Angolan kid, she says; you don’t start dancing at some point in time, you just dance, it’s deeply rooted in my system. Eliza started assisting in Salsa and Bachata dance classes at the age of 18 and her first independent danceclasses were Samba at the age of 19. 

Beginning of 2013 Eliza Sala opened the doors of her very own dance school in The Hague, Dança Sala. In her danceschool different styles are taught with young and energetic teachers. Styles are Samba, Axé, Afrohouse, Traditional African dance, Kizomba, Semba, Kizomba Ladies Ginga, Zumba, Salsa, Hiphop and Capoeira. 

Recent development in the dancing scene and Eliza being Angolan makes for an inevitable focus on Kizomba these days. Dancing Kizomba comes natural to her. The social aspect and the beautiful music from her homeland make Eliza want to dance all day. Eliza and Dança Sala Team is organizing Sabadão in The Netherlands about 6 times each year since 2014. This daylight party consists of workshops, traditional Angolan food and a vibrant party. It’s all about good vibes and serious love for beautiful music and dancing. Sabadão is very much appreciated for the welcome atmosphere and all those happy faces. I would love to see women enjoy dancing Kizomba just as much as I do, Eliza says. Her mission is to help women becoming skilled dancers, confident and elegant. Women should emphasize their strengths and shine from within. The way you dance should be a reflection of the beautiful person you are inside.