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Angola / Portugal

Bonifácio Neto aka Bonifácio Aurio or Mr. Tuffas was born in July 17th 1991 in the province of Huambo, Angola.

In 2011, he participated in a national kizomba competition organized by Mukanus Productions in Luanda, Angola. Although he was one of the most noticeable dancers, he ranked 4th place in the competition. His determination and perseverance pushed him to compete again the following year. Bonifácio won that competition guaranteeing himself a spot in the Lisbon kizomba competition Africa Dancar where he was also crowned the winner.

Today, in addition to being a brilliant dancer, Bonifácio is also one of the most sought out kizomba and semba instructors, as well as an ambassador of the culture. His extensive repertoire includes teaching in countries such as: Unites States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and many others.