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From selling various mix CDs in 2003, DJ NS had no idea he would become a professional DJ. The success of his custom mixes made on his PC quickly gained him curiosity and popularity. Influenced by friends, in 2010, DJ NS started his official DJ debut in the Toronto Kreyol, Zouk and Kompa scene. Originally named DJ Neg Serieux (Serious Guy), he abbreviated his name to NS to reach a broader and English-speaking market.

2013 marked DJ NS’career launch in the North American Kizomba scene through successful collaborations with Gustavo, Kiz-Me, and UT Kizomba. With a great sense of musicality and crowd reading, DJ NS’ extensive musical knowledge sets him apart from other DJs. Continuous successful events and parties allowed DJ NS to quickly become a community builder, trendsetter, and an artist that cannot easily be overlooked.