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DJ Leo Cris

Angola / Portugal

Born in the 1990s in Luanda, Leonor Madaleno discovered her artistic streak through the influence of her father, who was also a music enthusiast and became known for creating outstanding themes. This is how Leo first developed a particular taste for music.

She first started DJing in 2014, first as a hobby, but with the development of her skills and some performances, she was able to transition and make DJing her profession. It was thanks to her dedication and perseverance that since 2014 the requests and performances have multiplied. During her tenure as a DJ, she has been invited to perform in all of the Angolan provinces. Leo has also managed to perform at several exclusive venues in Luanda to name a few: Bay In, Lookal, DonQ, Bingo, Heritaje, Switch, Gin Palace, Link Space, Kilamba Klub, Dejavu Club, Barbarico Club, Spot Loung, Climax, among many others, subsequently becoming the resident DJ at Zen Bar and Don Quixote.

In term of international stage she has had the privilege of performing in countries such us Portugal, South Africa and Mozambique. DJ Leo Cris sound and skills are undeniable, reason why she ranked 15th best female DJ in Africa by DJane. Her knowledge for what the crowd needs always transcends through her sets and make her one of the best DJs in Angola.