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DJ Galo

Angola / Canada

Nuno Fortes AKA DJ Galo is a DJ/Promoter and Event Organizer based out of Toronto, Canada. DJ Galo first moved to Canada from Angola at the age of 12. He began his journey as a DJ back in 2004 when he debuted at local nightclub (Trinport), where he quickly became the resident DJ. During that time he was also requested to play regularly at the Angolan community parties in Canada. DJ Galo has been featured in several major festivals nationally and internationally.

Being specialized in the African music genre of Kizomba, Semba, Kuduro, Afrohouse, and more, he has been able to travel the world and play in many countries to name a few USA, Portugal, Germany, UK, Spain, Netherlands, France, Italy, Czech Republic and more.

Throughout his DJ career Galo has had the privilege of working with renown Kizomba and Semba artists such us: Euclides Da Lomba, Carlos Burity, Maya Cool, Johnny Ramos, Timmy, Jamice, Atim, Mika Mendes and more.

Currently he is one the of the organizers of popular events such as: Ginga Kizomba Festival Hamburg, Só Kizomba Nights and "Toque". DJ Galo’s musicality and energy while playing is undeniable. Due to his background, he is able to transcend musically through the night while contaminating his crowd, reason why he is currently the most sought after kizomba DJ in Canada.